MiraNous Planner

Thank you for considering the MiraNous Planner. Mira (pronounced as mee rah) means “to see” in Spanish, and Nous (rhymes with moose) means “intellect, good wisdom, and common-sense.” I pray that the MiraNous Planner helps you see and use your wisdom in creating the life you desire.

What is the MiraNous planner?

The MiraNous planner is a planner for busy women who desire to live a more God-centered, relationship-focused, goal-oriented, and purposeful life. It is different from traditional planners in that it is set-up to focus you on the priorities in your life. Each day you will evaluate and note your “To Get Done’s” under God, Family, S.E.L.F. (Social, Emotional, Learning, and Fitness), Home, and Work. Furthermore, you not only list the things that come to mind that you need to get done under these categories, you also have a list that will remind you of the things you should get done under these categories in order to live our your vision and goals.

The planner includes tools to help you live every day with a guiding principle, daily and weekly goals, reminders of God at six transitional points of the day, reflection at the end of the day, and reference and accountability statements of priorities (Life Mission, Paean Triangles, Act, etc.) My friends call my planner “the planner on steroids.” But once you learn how to use it, you will find it beautiful and simple..like the life that you desire to have.

What was the impetus for the MiraNous planner?
The impetus for the MiraNous planner was my desire to create a well-lived life; one that was God-centered, relationship-focused, goal-oriented, and purposeful. I was tired of feeling that I was merely existing, barely surviving, or operating in crisis-mode. Instead, I wanted to thrive and live purposefully. In my quest, I read a plethora of books from many life, time, and goal management experts. I incorporated their wisdom into something practical that would include God as the center of life, and relationships as the focus. I wanted a planning system that captured more than daily living—appointments, events, tasks, to-dos, and meetings. I wanted a system that would include traditional planner elements in addition to elements for prioritizing and helping me live out those priorities. .

And there were several principles and quotes that inspired the design of the planner pages. For example, knowing that ninety percent of our day is based on routine, ensued in the categories on the daily pages.  Socrates noted that “an unexamined life is not worth living.” That is why the planning system calls for reflection (even on a daily basis). Victor Hugo trenchantly said, “he [or in this case she], who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan, carries a thread that will guide him [her] through a labyrinth of the most busy life.” That is why the system allows for detailed planning, even to the degree of distinguishing activities (as critical, progress, and maintenance) and prompting you to think about how much time each activity will require.

The Japanese have denominated the concept of making small incremental changes in order to have an overall improvement as kaizen. I like the concept of kaizen because I know I can always take baby steps. You can use elements of the planner that are most helpful and intuitive for you. Most women use certain aspects of the planner and once they master those, they start to incorporate other aspects. So the planner grows as your grow.

Annie Dillard, makes a compelling observation that “the way we live our days, is the way we live our lives.” That is why the planner includes long-term planning and vision tracking. Most planners just help you to take care of the things that you must get done now, soon, and in the near future. But I wanted a planner that would help me live with “The End  in Mind.” Living with “The End in Mind” helps ensure that each day really refects the way that I want to live. Because whether I accept it or not, time is life and the way that I spend my time is the way that I spend myself.


The Planner Comes with a Unique Service: The MiraNous Planning Community
For some, planning, creating structure, setting-goals, reflecting, and being so intentional with time is not intuitive or easy. I have also found that most women have trouble deciding on areas and approaches for improvement. Therefore, at MiraNous (www.miranous.com) we have a planning community to support you. Please visit this site for free access to videos on how to use the planner. You can also sign-up for our weekly Guiding Principle emails. Before the start of each week, you will receive an email with a proposed Guiding Principle and specific tips and ideas for living that principle throughout the week. The Guiding Principles will come from Scripture, poems, children’s books, famous quotes, short-stories, and much more.

The planners are undated. You can start using yours on any day and you will have a full year of use.


I think personification—giving inanimate objects human traits—is fun. As we selected the fabrics for the various planners, I could not help but think of them in terms of temperaments: Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic, and Sanguine. This does not mean that you need to select the planner that aligns with your temperament, just choose the planner that you find visually appealing and one that compliments your style.

The Choleric Planner Choleric PLanner

The choleric planner features a chocolate brown and
multi-colored polka-dot fabric with an apple green ribbon. The planner reminds me of a woman that is optimistic, active, and strong-willed. This planner’s motto is “be confident and get things done.”



Melancholic PlannerThe Melancholic Planner

The Melancholic planner features a black and white
traditional Damask print with an elegant black ribbon. The planner reminds me of a woman that is sensitive, introspective, and who appreciates things of the past. This planner’s motto is “be elegant, deliberate, and mysteriously reserved.”



Sanguine PLannerThe Sanguine Planner

The Sanguine planner features a bright, lime-green, zebra
print fabric with a hot pink ribbon. The planner reminds me of a woman that is cheerful, talkative, restless, and lively. This planner’s motto is “be the life of the party and make a friend out of everyone.”



Sanguine PlannerThe Phlegmatic Planner

The Phlegmatic planner features a navy blue and bright
floral fabric with a golden-yellow ribbon. The planner reminds me of a woman that is calm, dependable, and easy-going. This planner’s motto is “enjoy the little things in life and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.”


The Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic, and Sanguine planners
are all handmade, 3-ring, fabric-covered binders that measure 9×7 and include:

~ 1 inch rings

~ over 500 planning pages for the year

~ zippered-plastic pencil pouch

~ a 4×6 clear photo pocket on the inside covers

~Cost $39.95 (plus tax and shipping, as applicable)

Signature PlannerThe Signature Planner

The Signature planner is a royal, iridescent-blue
leatherette planner with a cream magnetic strap across the middle. The planer reminds me of a woman that is focused and practical and doesn’t worry about her temperament. This planner’s motto is “things should be equally attractive and equally functional.” This planner is different from the others as it is a manufactured, 6-ring, leatherette binder measuring 9×7 and including:

~ 1/2 inch rings

~ Over 500 planning pages for the year

~ 4 business or credit card slots

~side-interior pocket

~pen loop

~Cost $35.95 (plus tax and shipping, as applicable)

*If you just need the inserts this time or you are ordering a refill for next year, please indicate which inserts you need (3-hole-punched or 6-hole-punched). ~ Cost $21.95  (plus tax and shipping, as applicable)*


Planner Page Description

~Over 500 undated, no wasted-pages; start today and have a full year of

~ Pages feature ivy and dragonfly art in grayscale

~Introduction and Quick Start pages

~4 moveable tabs

~6 Life Mission Planning Pages (Paean Triangles and Mission Statement)

~12 Monthly Calendars

~416 Weekly Planning pages (52 sets of 1 weekly page and 1 page for
each day of the week)

~24 Collect Things to Get Done pages

~24 Note pages

~Access to the MiraNous on-line planning community

Testimonies from Current Planner Users:

“I love my planner.  My favorite thing is the peace I have on Monday mornings, after I have written everything I need to do on the weekly plan page.  I no longer have to expend energy trying to remember.  It is easy from there to incorporate it into the daily plan.  I also love the categories into which the day is divided.  I can see very easily which areas of my life I am consistently neglecting.  I think I am a better friend (one of the areas I was consistently neglecting) and generally more productive because of the visual nature of the daily page.  I can see what I didn’t get done and move it up on tomorrow’s priorities.”

Heidi, Texas

“Since I began using the MiraNous planner, I can say that my life has changed for the better. I truly feel that I have become closer to God by giving Him time each and every day. The Life Mission Statement exercise helped me ponder and make tangible the steps that I could take to become closer to God. For me those are praying daily, reading my Bible, attending Mass and becoming an overall better person by being kind, patient and understanding. The planner also helps with my work productivity. At the same time the Daily Pages help me manage my time, so that work does not overtake my other priorities.”

Alma, Texas



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3. You can contact us at learn@miranous.com or 1-855-469-6687 and order. We will send you a PayPal invoice by email.

3. If you are in the Bryan/College Station, Texas area you can visit the St. Thomas Aquinas bookstore to purchase a planner. Please visit the link for details and store hours: http://www.stabcs.org/index.cfm?load=page&page=277