MiraNous Planner

Thank you for considering the MiraNous Planner. Mira (pronounced as mee rah) means “to see” in Spanish, and Nous (rhymes with moose) means “intellect, good wisdom, and common-sense.” I pray that the MiraNous Planner helps you see and use your wisdom in creating the life you desire.

What was the impetus for the MiraNous planner?
The impetus for the MiraNous planner was my desire to create a well-lived life; one that was God-centered, relationship-focused, goal-oriented, and purposeful. I was tired of feeling that I was merely existing, barely surviving, or operating in crisis-mode. Instead, I wanted to thrive and live purposefully. In my quest, I read a plethora of books from many life, time, and goal management experts. I incorporated their wisdom into something practical that would include God as the center of life, and relationships as the focus. I wanted a planning system that captured more than daily living—appointments, events, tasks, to-dos, and meetings. I wanted a system that would include traditional planner elements in addition to elements for prioritizing and helping me live out those priorities. The MiraNous planner provides the tools to live every day with a guiding principle, daily and weekly Goals, reminders of God at six transitional points of the day, reflection at the end of the day, and reference and accountability statements of priorities (Life Mission, Paean Triangles, Act, etc.) Additionally it was critically important that the system be beautiful and simple, so that I would desire to use it as I lived my minutes, my hours, my days—my life.

Why plan so conscientiously?
Ninety percent of our day is based on routine. It is important to take stock of our routines; our lives. Socrates noted that “an unexamined life is not worth living.” And Victor Hugo trenchantly said, “he [or in this case she], who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan, carries a thread that will guide him [her] through a labyrinth of the most busy life.” Annie Dillard, makes a compelling observation that “the way we live our days, is the way we live our lives.” So when we make small strides to live each day more purposefully, and more aligned with our priorities and values, then our lives begin to change for the better. The Japanese have denominated the concept of making small incremental changes in order to have an overall improvement as kaizen. I like the concept of kaizen because I know I can always take baby steps.

Why join the MiraNous Planning Community?
For some, planning, creating structure, setting-goals, reflecting, and being so intentional with time is not intuitive or easy. I have also found that most women have trouble deciding on areas and approaches for improvement. Therefore, at MiraNous (www.miranous.com) we have a planning community to support you. Please visit this site for free access to videos on how to use the planner. You can also sign-up for our weekly Guiding Principle emails. Before the start of each week, you will receive an email with a proposed Guiding Principle and specific tips and ideas for living that principle throughout the week. The Guiding Principles will come from Scripture, poems, children’s books, famous quotes, short-stories, and much more.