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On this page you will find an overview of the speaking services that I offer for workshops, retreats, professional development, in-services, conferences, and etc. Please click on the linked topics for more information. Also please note, that I make a concerted effort to adapt my presentations to the specific needs or your audience, of your organization.

My mission is two-fold: (1) to be at the service of teachers and parents, who desire to improve  children’s learning and (2) to help teachers and parents feel and become more empowered and motivated to live out their vocations in a purposeful way. I do this by offering practical information that comes from a convergence of research, best-practices, professional experience, personal experience, and common sense. 

Research shows that the one-time workshop approach is not the most beneficial to individuals. Therefore, in my sessions, I ensure that the participants go way with something very concrete (a plan with next steps) that they can reference in implementing whatever change it is that they need to and want to make. Also, I will create a private pres-session and post-session webpages to engage the participants prior to our session and most importantly after our session. So the support that they get becomes ongoing and on their terms.


Most Popular Workshops and Retreats

Time and Life Management

Crazy Busy Mom

For Parents

Family Sitting On Sofa Reading Book At Home


  • How Can I Get My Child into Both College and Heaven?
  • How to Do After-schooling with Less Stress and More Efficacy?
  • How can I help my child learn?


For Teachers




  • Working with English Language Learners – Best Practices for CTE and Secondary Teachers
  • Oral Proficiency Assessment of English Language Learners
  • Vocabulary Instruction
  • Strategies to Succeed as a Student When Your First Language is Not English
  • Professionalism, Motivation, and Positive Attitudes in Teaching
  • Language Brokering
  • Effective and Innovative Practices in Student Teacher Observations and Giving Feedback
  • Higher Order Skills and Critical Thinking


What is the next step? 

Please email me at consulting@miranous.com for more information. I look forward to design a speaking or training event to meet your needs.



“In her role as content specialist, Dr. Walichowski was assigned the responsibilities of researching ELL-related content, writing a draft script, generating ideas for filming video segments, designing a story-line, finalizing a voice-over narrative, working with video participants (in this case current CTE teachers) and recommending edits/additions to the final video product. Specifically, Dr. Walichowski has worked to identify the video participants’ currently implemented best practices and made valuable strategies-related recommendations that they were able to easily incorporate into their teaching. In filming video with our novice video participants, Dr. Walichowski was immensely patient, kind and professional at all times. It is also to her great credit, that even though CTE and creating a video product were new to her she had no difficulty in working within the process so that we are able to provide a quality product to our learners.

In working with Dr. Walichowski, we find that she is adept at providing copious amounts of thoughtful input, has great initiative, is very creative, resourceful and possesses excellent teamwork skills. In addition to all her outstanding qualities as a professional, the ones we admire the most in Dr. Walichowski are her interpersonal skills. Her friendliness and positive demeanor ensures that anybody who comes in contact with her can expect to be reassured of her support for their endeavors.”

Dr. Rick Peterson and Dr. Lakshmi Mahadevan (Professors and Extension Service Specialists at Texas AgriLife Extension Service)

“Recent workshops offered by Dr. Miranda Walichowski have been very well received by women at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic parish in College Station.  Whether the topic is personal goal setting and time management or child development and education, Dr. Miranda has a wonderful way of blending research-based practical advice with her own experiences as an educator and mother.  The result is a workshop packed with sound ideas that have been ‘field-tested’ in the home and/or classroom.  Dr. Miranda is an excellent presenter whose open and friendly approach sets audiences at ease and fosters a dialogue that gets people thinking and learning.  We look forward to having Dr. Miranda back soon for more of her outstanding seminars.”

Deacon Dave Mayes (Coordinator of the St. Thomas Aquinas Adult Faith Formation Program)
“The St. Thomas Aquinas Child Development Center has had the privilege of Miranda Walichowski  speaking at some of our staff meetings as part of our Professional Development.  At one particular meeting, Miranda spoke about time and stress management.  Because of the nature of childcare, time and stress management are of utmost importance.  Miranda’s expertise in this area was most welcomed and very helpful, as it related to the teachers’ workplace and their personal lives.  Miranda’s own personal life experiences were incorporated into the staff development and several of my staff were very affected by her stories in a most positive way.  Each time we’ve had Miranda speak at our meetings, we have thoroughly enjoyed her and her presentations!”

Lisa Phillips (former St. Thomas Aquinas Child Development Director)