Children are being encouraged to BYOD, bring your own device to school

Courtesy of Mzacha

During the summer of 2012, I learned that our local school districts were moving towards a Bring Your Own Device policy (BYOD). Children are being encouraged to BYOD. I was thrilled about the idea. I love learning about and trying new technologies.  I knew that there are some things that technology could do to enhance my children's learning in and out of school. The video below is from College … [Read more...]

9 Free downloads for teachers!

Pumpernickle Publishing

Pumpernickle Publishing,  a brand of Emphasis on Excellence,  is closing in December 2012. Currently, there are about 9 PDF e-books that are available to teachers (and others who may benefit from these materials) for free! You will find something to help you with organization, team teaching, teaching writing, keeping learning logs, etc. Just use the code PPFINAL when checking out at Pumpernickle … [Read more...]

abcteach has a coupon for you!

abcteach coupon6_n

Do you remember the summer giveaway for abcteach memberships to parents and teachers? Well, abcteach is offering a discount until September 30, 2012 for $5.00 off. Use coupon code ABCFB. See their Facebook Page for details. … [Read more...]

Seven soul, body, and mind summer tips for teachers


Teachers of course you deserve a break and you should relax and enjoy your summer. However, have you heard the saying “a body in motion, stays in motion (unless acted upon by a force)”? Aside from lesson planning and material creation, are there some things that you could be doing before classes start to help you have an easier transition to the school year and have a better school year? Yes, … [Read more...]

The reflective teacher is the effective teacher

Reflecting Teacher

Thank you for serving our children this past academic year! I know that you might be enervated from the demands of teaching: as they require the entire you (mind, heart, body, and soul). But if you are reading this blog, it is because you know that you can become a better teacher with each passing year.  You know that they reflective teacher is the effective teacher. What a gift that is to your … [Read more...]

How to teach new vocabulary using quotidian phrases.

lost words

I have always loved words. When I taught elementary school, I made a concerted effort to elevate the level of my vocabulary when I spoke to my students. In particular, I incorporated higher-level vocabulary that was supported by context in my discourse. I was a bilingual teacher and did not feel that I should water-down my vocabulary level in order to communicate with the students. If you have … [Read more...]