Meet Dr. Miranda


Hello! I am Dr. Miranda. I am pleased to offer this site as a resource for educators and parents. I have a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with those who teach, raise, and serve children. I strive to offer practical information that comes from a convergence of research, experience, and common sense. Although my professional focus is to improve student … [Read more...]

Use evernote to organize your child’s academic year


  This will be out soon as a short video to help you set-up and use Evernote to stay organized this school year. Evernote is an application that you can use on any computer, any phone, any iPad, etc. So the information that you load in one place will be available that not great? You will learn how to scan in all those important school papers and be able to access them … [Read more...]

Second Edition of planners

In August 2014, the second edition of the MiraNous planners will be published! The inserts have a few updates (i.e. inspirational quotes and some small changes). Also, we have a new cover design. The new binders are custom, mixed media designs. We still offer the Signature cover and the fabric covers as well. … [Read more...]

William Penn

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst." (William Penn)   … [Read more...]

“We can’t go on forever with suspicious minds.”


This week we are thinking about and acting against suspicion. I was not sure how to convert this section of Lovasik’s book into a Guiding Principle for us. The more that I read the section on suspicion, the more that one person kept coming to mind. I was troubled by this because that someone is someone whom I care about deeply and she suffers from suspicious tendencies. I also keep hearing Elvis … [Read more...]

“It takes one to know one.”

Photo Courtesy of Clarita

“It takes one to know one.” I think that we all remember and have probably said that phrase in our youth. Is there truth in that phrase? Is the good that I see in others, a reflection of the good in me? Are the unfavorable and lamentable things that I see in others a reflection of the unfavorable and lamentable things that reside in me? I don’t like that! Let’s help make our mind more … [Read more...]

Tame your email or be tamed by it!


Are you drowning in email? You may think that email is innocuous; but, every email that comes into your inbox creates stress, creates clutter, uses-up your time, threatens to be another thing that you let fall through the cracks, and distracts you form what is important.  It is time to tame your email or be tamed by it! The London Evening Standard reports on research on email and the stress … [Read more...]

Help release someone from a grudge they have against you

Photo Courtesy of Alvimann

The chapter inspiring this post is titled “Harbor no grudges” from Lovasik’s book, The Hidden Power of Kindness: A Practical Handbook for Souls Who Dare to Transform the World, One Deed at a Time. Last time, we worked on keeping resentment from having a footing in our hearts. This week we are going to give our guiding principle a twist. Normally, we would expect that this post would be about why … [Read more...]

77 Fun Summer Activities for Families

Photo Courtesy of Spike

Last week, we worked on helping our children develop an important soft-skill, making summer goals. Summer is also a time to recharge, to explore, to spend with family, to enjoy life, and to just have fun. Here is a list of 77 fun summer activities for families. Most of these activities are free or inexpensive. Use this list to create your own. Better yet, make this a family activity. Make sure … [Read more...]

Help your children create summer goals

Walichowski Family's Summer Goals

Whether you are at home for the summer with your children or continue to work while you children are off from school, it is important to help your children create summer goals. As with all things, if you do not have a plan, then life will plan for you. And in the case of summer, when we let life plan for us, that means that chaos, indolence, TV, iPads, video-games, computers, boredom, and messes … [Read more...]

Don’t forget to thank your students!

Photo Courtesy of Singhayjay

Amid the busyness of bringing the school year to a close and launching into your summer respite, there is something that I would like to encourage you to do. I know that this month brought forth an insurmountable number of tasks to complete, not only professionally but personally, as well. But please, don't forget to thank your students for being your students. As teachers the greatest … [Read more...]