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Thank you for visiting MiraNous Academy. I have to tell you that this area is in development. Please look for some offerings starting Summer  2016. Before releasing the course offerings, I am looking to pilot the courses with a few women at a significant discount. I am looking for a few women who are serious […]

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Ah, we found each other! I love meeting a kindred soul. Let’s see if I get you. You are a woman who has a full life and wants to live it fully. You value showing up in life as the best-version of yourself. You are a woman who pines for a whole-hearted, integrated, and peacefully […]



If you have ever thought: This is not how I want to live my life! I am going to be found-out at any moment. I am doing just enough not to get fired, just enough so that the Health Department does not condemn my home, just enough so that CPS does not take my children,  […]


Workshops and Speaking

  MiraNous Speaking On this page you will find an overview of the speaking services that I offer for workshops, retreats, professional development, in-services, conferences, and etc. Please click on the linked topics for more information. Also please note, that I make a concerted effort to adapt my presentations to the specific needs or your […]