Spiritual Development


What Advent traditions do you practice?

I do not want to let this Christmas come and go without focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. But as with all things, I know that I need to commit and plan to get the outcome that I desire. Fortunately, entering into the mystery of Christmas is not difficult. There are many beautiful Advent traditions that one can enjoy as a family. What Advent tradition do you practice? Advent traditions are … [Read More...]

Relational Development

Time For Kiids Message Meaning Playtime Or Starting Family

Ask questions that help you connect with your children

Ask questions that help you connect with your children. If I do nothing else well this year, I want to follow-through on this blog post!  I want to connect better with my children despite the busyness. The school year is off to a busy start. My well-intended intentions and idyllic desires for this year are concrete and clear. However, they are already being challenged by the mundane, the busyness, … [Read More...]

S.E.L.F Development


Work from home with a sense of humor

I have to tell you something important. Work from home with a sense of humor. That is the only way to maintain your emotional health. I have heard it said that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame in life. I think that my fame came and went. And it was marked with “a lot!” There is a funny blog that I like to read, Mama Knows, Honey Child. There Heather writes about her adventures in life in a … [Read More...]

Home Management

Photo Courtesy of McConnors

Wet towels robbed my joy

The chapter inspiring this post is titled “Action fosters cheer” in Lovasik’s book, The Hidden Power of Kindness: A Practical Handbook for Souls Who Dare to Transform the World, One Deed at a Time. I will share how wet towels robbed my joy.   Last week, we worked on not complaining. I became very aware of how habitual it is to complain. Sometimes, I would complain more out of habit than … [Read More...]

Work Management

Blank paper and pen on wooden table

Writing down where you left off saves time

The start of the fall semester is the busiest time of my life. I have so much that I need to get done that I find myself getting paralyzed. It is ironic that when I need to most focused and most efficient, I waste the most time. This post is about a productivity tip: writing down where you left off saves time.   I have been wrestling with getting clarity on what it is that I … [Read More...]

For Parents

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77 Fun Summer Activities for Families

Last week, we worked on helping our children develop an important soft-skill, making summer goals. Summer is also a time to recharge, to explore, to spend with family, to enjoy life, and to just have fun. Here is a list of 77 fun summer activities for families. Most of these activities are free or inexpensive. Use this list to create your own. Better yet, make this a family activity. Make sure … [Read More...]

For Educators

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Don’t forget to thank your students!

Amid the busyness of bringing the school year to a close and launching into your summer respite, there is something that I would like to encourage you to do. I know that this month brought forth an insurmountable number of tasks to complete, not only professionally but personally, as well. But please, don't forget to thank your students for being your students. As teachers the greatest … [Read More...]

Maestros y Padres

Nuestros Diarios

Mantener un diario con su hijo: una tradición especial

Este Día de la Madre, como en toda ocasión, debemos reflexionar y pedirle a Dios que nos guie para hacer algunos cambios que nos ayuden a mejorar como madres. Debemos asegurarnos que nuestros hábitos se aliñen y reflejen nuestras prioridades, los deseos más profundos de nuestros corazones. Me he dado cuenta que el ajetreo de la vida me ha hecho hacer de menos una tradición importante. Esta … [Read More...]


“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

(William Penn)



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What is new?

In August 2014, the second edition of the MiraNous planners will be published! The inserts have a few updates (i.e. inspirational quotes and some small changes). Also, we have a new cover design. The new binders are custom, mixed media designs. We still offer the Signature cover and the fabric covers as well.  

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