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13 steps to failure-proof your New Year’s resolutions

Knowing that 78 – 98% of people fail at something does not discourage me. Because I know that being systematic about things makes all the difference. Whenever I have succeeded at something, like writing my dissertation and obtaining a doctorate, it was more about relying on God and having a system in place than about intelligence, talent, or ability. So even knowing that up to 98% of people can't … [Read More...]

Guiding Principle

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Your irritability shows immaturity of character

Your irritability shows immaturity of character. That is what we will internalize this week. The chapter inspiring this post is titled “Anger may be mortally or venially sinful” from Lovasik’s book, The Hidden Power of Kindness: A Practical Handbook for Souls Who Dare to Transform the World, One Deed at a Time. One of the lower levels of anger is probably irritability. I had not really … [Read More...]

For Parents

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Does homework matter? What does the research say?

Homework is back! Many parents have asked me questions about homework time. Children do not want to do homework. Parents want them to do homework because they feel that it makes them responsible, helps them learn, and because the teacher assigned it. Some parents report that homework time negatively affects their relationship with their children. Children report that they are too tired to do their … [Read More...]

For Educators

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Children are being encouraged to BYOD, bring your own device to school

During the summer of 2012, I learned that our local school districts were moving towards a Bring Your Own Device policy (BYOD). Children are being encouraged to BYOD. I was thrilled about the idea. I love learning about and trying new technologies.  I knew that there are some things that technology could do to enhance my children's learning in and out of school. The video below is from College … [Read More...]

Maestros y Padres

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¿Es importante la tarea? ¿Qué dice la investigación?

¡La tarea ha surgido de nuevo! Algunos padres me han preguntado sobre la importancia de la tarea y sobre cuánto tiempo deberían dedicar sus hijos a la tarea. Los niños suelen no querer hacer la tarea. Los padres quieren que sus hijos cumplan con las tareas porque sienten que les ayuda a hacerse responsables, les ayuda a aprender y porque la maestra lo ha asignado. Algunos padres dicen que el … [Read More...]


“A child is a gift parents give to themselves, forever expecting the child to be grateful.” ~ Robert Brault


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A Reader Asked…

I asked myself, “why does my car look like and smell like a teenage boy’s locker?” Then I found a solution. I instituted a policy that everyone must exit the car with their hands full of things (toys, books, trash, sippy-cups, water bottles, etc.).  This does not take extra time but makes an immense difference. […]

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